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The new Dewey Misters are here!
Get yours and simplify your cloning and growing operations today.

The Original Dewey Mister

The Dewey Mister Team is constantly working to develop new products that will simplify the way we grow and clone plants. The Dewey Mister Development Team is committed to providing you low cost solutions to the complicated systems that fill todays market. New products will be added to this page as they become available. The new low cost Dewey Mister will replace expensive water pumps and air stones that constantly clog depriving your nutrient water of proper aeration. These water pumps notoriously heat your water and add to the existing algae problems that plague Aeroponic Growers. A Dewey Mister Cloning system can be as simple as a stand alone compact cloning station or advanced as large Dewey Rails that can be setup at nursery's and indoor grow houses. Either way, The Dewey Mister will always be the cheaper less complicated option.

Dewey Mister Aeroponics provides simple solutions to some of todays Aeroponic growing problems.

With the new Dewey Misters you can eliminate your water pump! There is no longer a need for multiple pumps running. No small nozzles or air stones to clog meaning you can run more organic materials in your nutrient water. The Dewey Mister continuously aerates the water as it feeds your roots. All with the use of only one pump. Try a Dewey Mister today and see how it can maximize your yield and lower your operating costs.

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