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House & Garden Amino Treatment 100ml

SKU: hgamt001

The basis of the Amino Treatment is an extract enzyme extracted from plant seeds. Plants provide their seeds with a reserve which is based on high quality enzymes and amino acids that provide for better root development and leaf quality. The product is highly concentrated. After 4 to 5 weeks the result is obvious: the plant is greener, stronger and healthier. House & Garden challenges you to the to take The Amino Test. House & Garden Nutrients is after all, over 70 years knowledge and experience in a bottle. Using amino treatment provides abundant growth and flowering of your plants. After many years of research, House and Garden presents this revolutionary growth and flowering booster. It's an entirely new product derived from a plant seed extract. Contains very small particulate silicate and amino acids among other helpful ingredients. With Amino Treatment you can expect: better foliage distribution, higher photosynthesis ratio, solid stems, enhanced root activity, a better and increased fruit production, higher sugar level of the fruit.

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