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(Moringa oleifera) Native to the Himalayan foothills, this plant is prized for its very high-protein leaves, its rich concentration of minerals and vitamins and its heavy load of anti-oxidants! A recent addition to today's roster of "Super foods," moringa has been used for centuries in its native land, where the people have long appreciated its many uses; Greek and Roman doctors wrote extensively about this tree! This incredibly valuable tree can be overwintered indoors, or grown as a long-season annual. Leaves, blooms, seeds and immature seedpods called "drumsticks," are edible; seeds are source of a high quality oil. Planted in increasing numbers throughout the tropics where its amazing nutrition, quick growth and ability to thrive even in poor and dry soil are a potent weapon in the war on malnutrition (WARNING: Roots are reputed to be poisonous, do not eat!) Cultivation--Requires warm conditions, adequate moisture, excellent drainage and full sun. Sow seeds in prepared soil in spring, no more than an inch deep. Sprouts should appear in 2-3 weeks. May be carefully transplanted outdoors after frost. Blooms within 8 months. Direct sowing is preferred where the frost-free season is long enough. Pinch growing tips for more compact growth. Un-pruned, can reach 30 feet in height. Tolerates only the lightest frost, overwinter plants in frost-free conditions.

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