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New Millenium Equinox 2.5 Gal

SKU: eq2.5gal

EQUINOX\012THE CONTINUOUS PART A FOR ALL\003 VEG/BLOOM SCHEDULES\012\012This essential component is the base plant food, providing copious amounts of Nitrogen, Calcium, and complementary elemental traces. As the core of the New Millenium Fertilizer System\342\204\242, Equinox is concentrated and refined to yield a product that is workable in most types of systems and low in residual salts.\012FOR USE WITH\012MSDS \012PART A \342\200\223 USE WITH SPRING GREEN, SUMMER SHIFT, AUTUMN GOLD (DEPENDING ON THE PLANTS LIFE STAGE)\012N: 4.7 | P: 0 | K: 0

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