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Nutri+ Clear - 4 L
Dissolve and Flush Mineral Salt Solution
Corrects toxic salt build-up.
Helps the plant use fertilizer which has been stored inside cells.
Ideal as final rinse solution.
Cleans irrigation equipment.
Compatible with all fertilizer programs.
Application Rates

Hydroponics: Use 5 ml of nutri+ ® CLEAR per liter of water.

Soil: Use 15 ml of nutri+ ® CLEAR per liter of water. Water until significant leaching occurs.

Weeks of Use

Use during 3 days before the end of flowering phase. Can also be used as nutritive solution during 1 or 2 days in case of nutrient overdose.

To clean irrigation systems, use 30 ml of nutri+ ® CLEAR per liter of water.

Available sizes: 1 L, 4 L and 20 L.

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