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Nutri+ Coco Plus Nutrient Bloom B 4L (4-0-4)

SKU: 60163

COCO Plus liquid formula is ideal to use with COCO Plus coconut fiber growing media.

This nutrient-rich solution helps to obtain high yield. It is user-friendly. It doesn't contain any residues and it is not harmful for the environment. Directly absorbable, it is a complete solution to obtain fantastic blooming.

1 L bottle yields up to 400 L of nutrient solution.
4 L bottle: 1600 L
20 L bottle: 8000 L

Available size: 1 L, 4 L and 20 L

Add 2.5 ml of Bloom A to 2.5 ml of Bloom B in 1 L of water.
Apply during all of the blooming period.

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