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Organic Nutrients Insect Frass, 2 lbs


Product Name: Insect Frass

Product Description:

Insect Frass is the excrement of herbivore insects (Insect Guano). In nature, plants and insects have depended on each other's survival for millennia. In agriculture, barriers and pesticides deprive our plants of the benefits offered by insects. Insect Frass delivers these benefits, to the soil when pre-mixed or top-dressed, and directly to the plant when applied via foliar spray.

A natural polymer in Insect Frass called chitin (the exoskeleton of all insects) (pronounced "kite-in") signals plants to protect themselves from an insect attack. Plants know that when insect chitin is present, predators are about to harm them, so a plant's autoimmune system responds in many ways to protect it. Plants do have the ability to protect themselves, but there must be chitin present to stimulate the response.

Part of the chitin response is that a plant's cardiovascular system dilates to increase translocation of nutrients and other compounds to aid in its protection. Nutrients travel more rapidly through the circulatory system to grow thicker stalks and stems. Increased turgor pressure pushes metabolites through the roots and leaves to suppress plant pathogens and diseases. Enzymes and alkaloids toxic to plant-eating insects are produced and circulated throughout the plant, so that when insects suck on plant juices, they ingest plant-produced poisons that destroy their digestive systems.

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