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Quest 335

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The Quest 335 is engineered specifically for commercial cannabis growers facing the heavy workload of grow houses filled with moisture-producing crops. At the core of Quest’s 335 is a pressure switch connected to a variable speed fan. When the switch detects a change in pressure (primarily due to a dirty filter), the fan slowly ramps up its speed to maintain the desired CFM, which results in consistent humidity control.

The Quest 335 uses a multi-coil design similar to the one used in the Quest 506. The end result is 335 pints of water pulled from the air every 24 hours at 80F and 60% relative humidity at 9.3 KWh.

When you combine the dollars associated with energy consumption, reduced air conditioning usage, and the consistent environment the filter compensation feature provides, the 335 is one of the most cost-effective units on the market.

  • 335 PINTS/DAY @80°F, 60%RH (335 PINTS | 158.5 LITERS | 41.8 GALLONS)
  • 32.88"W x 23.5"D x 24.38"H (83.5CM x 59.6CM x 61.9CM)
  • 7.9A @208v / 6.9A @ 230v AMPS