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Quest 506

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Powerful and efficient, the Quest 506 is the industry’s first 500-pint dehumidifier and is perfect for agricultural applications as well as tough commercial spaces. Its 506 pint capacity makes it one of the most powerful commercial dehumidifiers on the market.

Commonly used in indoor growing facilities, greenhouses, warehouses and other large industrial areas, the 506 dehumidifier is available for a variety of uses and installations. This Quest dehumidifier is proudly Assembled in Madison, Wisconsin, can be hung or placed on the floor, and offers an impressive MERV 13 filtration system.

  • 506 PINTS/DAY @80°F, 60%RH (506 PINTS | 239 LITERS | 63.3 GALLONS)
  • 28.9”W X 33.8”H X 44.7”L (73.4CM X 85.9CM X 113.5CM)
  • 11.0 AMPS