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Hi-E DRY 120 dehumidifiers are designed and built with emphasis on efficiency and durability. Hi-E DRY 120 dehumidifiers remove up to 7.7 pints of water per kilowatt hour, while the industry average remains at only two to three pints.

The Hi-E DRY 120 is an ideal solution for areas with heavier moisture loads that demand elimination of mold, mildew, and their associated odors. Its heavy duty swivel casters provide easy movement throughout your facility.

  • 120 PINTS/DAY @80°F, 60%RH (120 PINTS | 56.7 LITERS | 15 GALLONS)
  • 20"W X 42"H X 19"L (50.8CM X 106.6CM X 48.2CM)
  • 5.9 AMPS