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Roots Excelurator by House & Garden could quite possibly be the BEST nutrient product of ANY kind on the market. It will immediately provide explosive root growth and rid the plant of any brown roots. This product is without a doubt the most powerful rooting stimulant available. It works by forming a membrane around roots and protecting them from harmful bacteria and fungus. Roots Excelurator will not only protect your plants from harmful root disease, but it will also cure existing cases of root rot.
Derived From: Organic biological organisms, Ammonium Nitrate, and Potassium Hydroxide.

Ingredients Explained: This amazing biological water and/or soil treatment protects the root zone by ridding the plant of unwanted microbial pests. This beneficial root stimulator will easily out perform all other root simulators! Roots Excelurator is packaged in an aluminum canister to preserve organic ingredients and beneficial organisms.

Application: Add 1.1 ml of Roots Excelurator to every gallon of water in the nutrient solution. Administer at every feeding during the first two weeks of the rearing cycle. At 1.1 ml/gallon, Roots Excelurator is the least expensive root stimulant, per dose, on the market.

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