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Terpenez is an all natural poly-botanical extract purposefully designed to enhance the existing scent profile of your garden. Effective and compatible with all gardening styles and methods, Terpenez may enhance the overall intensity of the fragrance emitted from your garden as a result of incidental contact assimilation. By applying Terpenez to the substrate throughout the flowering/fruiting cycle one may encounter an overall increase in the intensity of the natural fragrances present in the garden. If applied properly, this effect should be relatively persistent.
Terpenez can also be used exclusively during the flush cycle to aid in the removal of residual nutrient salts and enhance the scent profile of your garden. If your crop requires long flush, 10 days or greater, please be aware that the scent may be persistent in the harvested material.

Bottom line: it's an organic terpene enhancer. Boosts terpenoid profiles & increases overall aromatic effect.
Directions for use (be sure to shake thoroughly before mixing and applying):
Continuous Model: 3 - 8 ml per gallon throughout the flowering/fruiting cycle. Ideal pH Range: 5.8 - 6.4
Flush Model: 5 - 10 ml per gallon during flush. Ideal pH Range: 5.6 - 6.2
Pro Tip: To boost the overall effectiveness of Terpenez try feeding your favorite beneficial bacteria inoculant 2 days prior to your first application of Terpenez and again 10 days later.
Can be used with any nutrient program or fertilizer products
No animal by products, chemicals or strong odors.
No harmful chemical run-off or heavy metals.

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